Kenosha Orchestra Boosters

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Kenosha Orchestra Boosters, Inc.
Parent Award Program

I.     Purpose:   The award is presented in recognition of outstanding service and exceptional contributions in support of the orchestra program of the Kenosha Unified School District No. 1.

II.   Categories and Selection Criteria:

    A.   Members:
1.   To recognize those members, of the organization, who have served on the Board of Directors and provided continuous service and leadership to th Kenosha orchestra program over a period of no less than three years.
2.   To recognize those individuals who have, over a period of no less than five years, provided continuous and dedicated service to th regular Kenosha orchestra program as general members of the organization.

    B.   School and Private Teachers:
1.    To recognize those staff directors of the Kenosha Unified School District orchestra program who have provided no fewer than five years of meritorious service to the district as members of the teaching staff and who during that time have actively involved in and supportive of Orchestra Boosters, in support of the school orchestra program.

    C.   Special:   To recognize those individuals; members, non-members, or organizations, who provide special and significant service and assistance, to the Kenosha Orchestra Boosters, in support of the school orchestra program.

III.   Guidelines/Selection Procedures:

    A.   A maximum of two awards to be presented each year.

    B.   In any year that the selection committee feels it appropriate to present more than two awards, board approval should be received to authorize such an exception.

    C.   The selection committee is to be appointed by the president in November of each year, and should include the immediate past president, historian, faculty adviser, and two members at large, representing different schools.

Submitted by the Awards Committee     
May 3, 1985                 
Anita Baumgarten      Larry Simons     
Marie Creason       Robert Smith